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Thinking Like A Winner
By Joe Love

Since the beginning of human history we have been living under certain universal laws that have operated our daily lives whether we are aware of them or not. One of the most important universal laws, is the Law of Correspondence. This law simply says, that your outer world is a mirror of your inner world. In other words, your outer world corresponds to your inner world. What's going on around you is a reflection of what's going on inside you. If you want to change what's going on around you, start by going to work on yourself, and specifically the way you think.

One of the greatest responsibilities you have to yourself is to keep yourself thinking like a winner all day long, It is especially important to think like a winner when you face the inevitable setbacks and disappointments of daily life. It will be your ability to keep your thoughts on what you want and off what you don't want that will be the true measure of your character.

When things go wrong, our natural tendency is to become upset, angry, and to lash out at the people and situations around us. We tend to blame others and make excuses. We allow external circumstances to dictate the internal attitudes of our mind. But the successful and high achieving people always have a winner's mentality. They continue to think about winning and success even under the most difficult circumstances.

The quality of your thinking is a major factor in determining the quality of your life. You have the capacity within you to have and do almost anything in life, simply by controlling your thoughts and keeping them on what you want. There are virtually no limitations to what you can accomplish except the limitations that you place on yourself by your thinking.

Successful people are those who think about success and achievement all day long. And because of this, they automatically use the Law of Attraction, which says each human being is a living magnet, that we radiate thought energy and that we invariably attract into our lives the people and circumstances that harmonize with our dominate thoughts. But, when people think about negative and unhappy things, they attract negative and unhappy people and circumstances into their lives. The choice is always up to you.

If you want to be a happy and successful person, you have to work on yourself and your thinking until you reach the point where you absolutely believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that you will be a total success in anything you want to accomplish. When you reach the point where you have unshakable confidence in yourself and your abilities, nothing will be able to stop you from being a success. But, to develop this state of self-confidence, you have to first understand how your mind functions and then practice the techniques of mental fitness until you become a totally optimistic and positive person.

It is important to understand that your thoughts, whatever they are, trigger mental pictures and emotions that lead to you saying and doing certain things that are consistent with those thoughts.

For example, when you think about a person you care about, your thought will trigger a mental picture of that person plus the emotion of warmth, affection, and love you have for that person. You'll speak positively about that person to others, and to yourself. You will have an urge or a desire to do something nice for that person, to call them, buy them a gift, or send them a card. It is your initial thought that will trigger the entire flow of events.

When you think about what success means to you or think about being a great success in your career, you'll think about the things you want to achieve, and you'll feel the pleasure of achieving them. You'll talk like a success and begin to take actions that will lead you to the success that you desire. And the starting point is always to think like a winner.

Your feelings will often trigger thoughts and mental pictures that will then lead to your saying and doing certain things. For example, when you feel positive and optimistic, you will smile and be cheerful. You will be more animated and energetic. You will tend to be more enthusiastic and effective in the things you do. Your positive feelings will trigger positive responses at all levels, and your world will be a more positive place. You will even attract into your life positive people and positive circumstances that are consistent with your feelings.

The images and pictures you have either within you or you see in your surroundings will trigger thoughts and feelings that are consistent with them. In turn, those thoughts and feelings will trigger behaviors that lead to the realization of the pictures.

For example, when you become absolutely convinced that you are a total winner and you are meant to be a complete success in anything that you really want to do, every picture or image that you see that somehow represents winning to you, will trigger thoughts of what you could do to achieve the same things. The picture will also trigger the feeling of excitement that will motivate you to take action.

Your actions will always trigger your thoughts, emotions, and images that are consistent with them. You are more likely to act yourself into feeling than you are to feel yourself into acting. For example, many days, you probably wake up feeling not as positive and optimistic as you would like to be. However, if you act as if you already have a strong feeling of optimism, the action itself will trigger the feelings and the consequent thoughts and mental pictures consistent with them.

Because you can control your actions easier than you can control your feelings, if you choose to exert control over your actions you will have a back flow effect and trigger the feelings, thoughts, and images that are consistent with those of the person you want to be and of the person who lives the life you want to live.

What you say is automatically impressed into your mind and will be expressed later. It will come to manifest at some point. Your conversations reveal an enormous amount about you, the kind of person you are, and how you feel about yourself and others. That is why it so important that you discipline yourself to keep your conversations about people and situations positive and optimistic, no matter what misgivings you might have. Your words will impress themselves on your subconscious and make you a more positive and optimistic person. You'll be thinking like a winner.

One of the most important keys to thinking like a winner, is the ability to look for the good in every person and in every situation. It‘s the ability to assume the best of intentions on the part of everyone you deal with, rather than to be suspicious. It's the ability to seek for an equal or greater benefit or advantage in every obstacle or setback. It's the decision to look for the valuable lesson in every temporary failure. One of the main characteristics of all successful and high achieving men and women is that they are constantly looking for the silver lining in every cloud. Instead of focusing on the unpleasant aspects of a situation, they look into it for something good.

If you look for the good in every situation, you'll inevitably find something good. And because your conscious mind can only hold one thought at a time, either positive or negative, if you consciously control your thinking and choose to look for something positive, you'll remain a positive and optimistic person. You'll find that you rarely get upset or angry. You'll have a remarkable ability to turn every temporary setback or problem into something positive.

Thinking like a winner is the first step to living like a happy and successful person. You do become what you think about most of the time. You are what you most intensely believe. And if you think like a winner and do the things that successful men and women do to keep their minds positive and optimistic, you will eventually become a success in everything you do, and your possibilities will be unlimited.
由Joe Love著 Malcolm Ke译

自人类历史之开端,                     我们就一直生活于某些宇宙法则之下,                   它们操纵着我们的日常生活,             不论我们是否意识到它们的存在.       最重要的宇宙法则之一,                  就是对应性法则.               该法则简单说来,        就是你的外部世界是你内部世界的镜像.              换言之,         你的外部世界对应于你的内部世界.                     你身上所发生的是你内心所发生之反射.                         如果你想改变你身上所发生的,                          从改造你自身开始,                  特别是对于你的思考方式.

你对你自己所负的最大应则之一,                               就是保持你自己整日像个胜者一样思考,                            尤其重要地,                当你面对日常生活中不可逃避的挫折和失望时像个胜者一样思考.                                       你性格的真正度量将是你保持思想于你想要的,                 避免思想于你不想要的之能力.                                                        

当事情出错时,         我们的自然倾向是变得沮丧, 愤怒, 并迁怒于你周围的人和事.                                                    我们倾向于责备他人而开脱自己.               我们允许外部环境指令内心态度.                                                     但是成功和发达的人总是具有胜者的心理.                 他们仍然继续思想胜利和成功, 即使于最困难境况之下.                                              

你思想的质量是决定你生活质量的一个主要因素.                                               你自身具备获得和实现几乎人生中任何事的能力,                                  只要通过控制你的思想而保持它于你想要的事物之上.                            你所能完成的真正没有任何东西极限,                               除了你通过思想对你自己设置极限.                                     

成功的人是那些整天想着成功和成就的人.                                               而为此,               他们自动使用吸引法则,                          就是说每个人类是一个活的磁铁,                     我们辐射思想能量,                       ,我们一成不变地吸引那些与我们主统思想相协调地人或事进入我们的生活.                       但, 当人们想着负向(译注:即消极)和不愉快的事情,               他们吸引负向和不愉快的人和事进入他们的生活.                                     选择总是取决于你.                                                

如果你想成为快乐并成功的人,                       你得打造你自己和你得思想直到你达到你绝对相信得地步,                                                        而无一丝疑虑,                你将达到一个彻底的成功, 在任何你想达成的领域.                           当你达到对你自己和你的能力怀有不可动摇自信的程度,                      没有任何东西能阻止你成为一个成功示例.                     但, 发展此种自信状态,                          你首先得理解你的心灵如何运作,                         然后练习心智健康的技巧,                              直到你成为一个彻底乐观和正向(译注:即积极)的人.                                                    

重要的是要理解: 你的思想,                           无论他们是什么,     触发心智图景和情绪,                  这些导致你说和做某些与你那些想法一致的事情.

例如,        当你想着一个你关心的人,                         你的思想将触发一个那个人的脑中图像, 外加对那个人的温情, 感动和爱意.                                                                     你将向他人, 也是向你自己, 正向地诉说这个人.                              你将有一个冲动, 渴望做些对那个人好的事情,            打电话给他, 买礼物给他, 或送贺卡给他.               正是你的初始想法触发了整个事件流.                                     

当你想着成功对于你所意味的,                        或者想着在你的事业上成为伟大成功人士,          你将想到你所要达成的东西,                         并且你将感觉到达成他们之愉悦.                   你将像一个成功人士一样谈话, 并开始采取行动来导引你到达你所渴望的成功.                                    而起点就是始终像一个胜者一样思想.                  

你的感觉将经常触发导致你的某些言行的想法和心中图像.                                                              例如:当你感觉正向和乐观,                            你会微笑且高兴.                  你会更活泼和精力充沛.                   你会倾向于更热情和更有效能地来做事情.                                     你正向的感觉将触发各个层次的正向反应,                                你的世界将是一个更正向的地方.                你甚至会吸引正向的人和正向的事进入你的生活,                                     他们与你的感觉相一致.

你内心藏有或于周遭所见的影像和画面                                                将触发与那些一致的想法和感觉.                     反过来,                                          那些想法和感觉将触发导致画面实现的行为.                                                        

例如,        当你变得绝对信服:                         你是一个完全的胜者并且你注定要成为一个完全的成功人士,             在任何你真正想从事的事情上,             每个你以某种方式看作代表胜利的画面和影像, 将触发你想着为达到那些图景所能做的事情.                                                                 这些画面也会触发激动的感觉,                   那会推动你采取行动.                                                        

你的行动总是触发你的思想, 情绪, 及与其一致的影像.                                                    更看好地, 用行动(译注:或表演)驱动你自己进入感觉,                      而不是用感觉驱动你自己进入行动.               例如,         很多日子里, 可能你醒来的时侯, 感觉不是你想要的那么正向和乐观.                   然而,    如果你像已经有了强烈乐观感受一样行动,                 行动本身将触发感觉和与其一致的后续想法和心中图景.                                                             

因为你能更容易控制你的行动,                    而不是你的感觉,                    如果你选择对你的行动发挥控制,                      你将获得一个反馈效果               而触发那些感觉, 想法, 和影像,                                             那些你想要成为的人们和过着你想过的生活的人们的所具有的.                                   

你所说的自动印刻到你心里, 会在以后表达出来.                                            它在某些点显现.                        你的会话揭示出你超大量的信息,                             你是什么类型的人,             你怎么看待对自己和他人.                      那就是为什么这个如此重要:        你规制你自己对人和境况正向和乐观地谈话,                                                                     无论你有什么疑虑.                          你的话将印刻它们自身在你的潜意识里,                            而是你成为一个更正向和乐观的人.                 你将像胜者一样思想.              

像胜者一样思想的最重要要点之一,                            是在每个人和每种境况里寻找良好点的能力.                                      此种能力假定你交往的每个人怀有最好意图,                                                           而不是去怀疑.                 此种能力于每个障碍或逆境寻觅相等或更大的益处或优势.                                                  此种决心于暂时失利里寻找有价值的教训.                                          所有成功和发达男女的主要特质之一                                                     是恒常寻找每朵乌云的银色衬边.                                                代之聚焦于境况不愉快的方面,                                   他们深入其中寻找好的东西.

如果你在每种境况里寻找好的方面,               不可避免地你将发现好的东西.              而因为你的表意识一个时间只能容纳一个想法,                               要么正向要么负向,              如果你有意识控制你的想法而选择寻找正向的东西,                                         你将保持为一个正向和乐观的人.                    你将发现你罕有变得沮丧和愤怒.                    你将具有显著的能力来转变每个暂时逆境和问题为正向的东西.                                                    

像胜者一样思想是像快乐和成功人士一样生活的第一步.                                         你确实变成你绝大部分时间所想的样子.                  你成为你最强烈相信的样子.                   而如果你像胜者一样思想, 并做那些成功男女为保持他们内心正向和乐观所做的事情,                                                        你最终将变成你所从事任何领域的成功者,                        而你的可能将是无限的.

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